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Using Skype for Business to enhance employee efficiency

Using Skype for Business is simple, especially if you’ve used Skype in your personal life. So how can you take it a step further and utilise it to make your business a more efficient environment? Using Skype for business in the following ways: Instant messenger You wouldn’t email your mates to organise going to the… Continue Reading

Hosting Skype for Business meetings

Collaboration has never been easier. No matter where you are in the world, using Skype for Business meetings makes it easier to work together. With face-to-face meetings, live screen sharing and instant messaging through your internet connection. Benefits of hosting Skype for Business meetings: Screen share Gone are the days of explaining what’s on your screen down… Continue Reading

Skype for Business review

As technology rapidly develops, business owners are increasingly baffled by the amount of communication applications available for their company. With so much available, how do you choose software which will deliver the most benefit in the most cost effective and uncomplicated way? In this short Skype for Business review we’ll provide an overview of how… Continue Reading

Business Telephony in the Digital Age

        How to choose your next phone system. Most business phone systems last between 6 and 8 years, after which the system is either out of maintenance or out of date. Businesses looking to upgrade their phone system will find a vast array of new solutions available, compared with the relatively limited… Continue Reading

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