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Best Business Apps for SME’s: 60 seconds with Alex Deighton, MD at Yoozoom

Alex Deighton from Yoozoom on leveraging technology to streamline business processes, without a big business budget. What does Yoozoom do? Yoozoom provides cloud communication and connectivity services. We’ve been selling cloud-only for the last 7 years, as we saw this was where demand was heading. We’re based in Leeds and have clients across the UK.… Continue Reading

What is WebRTC?

Introducing WebRTC! You may not have heard of this innovative technology yet, but it will soon become ingrained in everyday life. So what is WebRTC, why is it a gamechanger, and what does it mean for businesses? Firstly, what is WebRTC? WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communications. This means live communication (audio or video call)… Continue Reading

Does working from home really boost employee productivity?

Does your open plan office make your employees less productive? We all experience distraction at work, from checking smartphones to scrolling through social media to chatting with colleagues. Is the best way to avoid this distraction simply to work from home? The Facts A study in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization showed that working from… Continue Reading

Skimping on business internet: are you risking it?

What would have to go wrong for your business to grind to a halt? Your first thought might be something physical – like a fire, flooding or significant snowfall. But did you think “internet” … or more specifically lack of it? In today’s digitally-focussed world, many critical business systems and technologies rely on a stable… Continue Reading

The flexible working paradigm – management pain or pleasure?

In the last few weeks I’ve seen countless articles related to the rise of flexible working. I may be biased coming from the cloud communications industry, but it seems to me that remote working is becoming the norm – and for good reason.A 2014 study conducted by researchers at Stanford University found that remote employees experienced greater… Continue Reading

Making a successful transition to cloud communications

Cloud Communications solutions are rapidly replacing traditional phone systems, equipping businesses with the flexibility, functionality and agility needed to stay competitive and grow productivity. How can you be sure of switching to the solution that’s right for your individual business? Download the eBook to find out: The importance of understanding your current assets and capabilities What can… Continue Reading

Infographic – Cloud Contact Centre

Go to Cloud Contact Centre 6 points to help you decide when and why your business needs Cloud Contact Centre. Enjoyed this infographic? Receive notifications when we post new content by entering your name and email address below!   © Yoozoom 2016 Continue Reading

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