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Call diverts make sure you never miss a call again!

Call Divert: Is it time you stopped missing important calls?

On a good cloud phone system (also sometimes referred to as VoIP or hosted PBX), call diverts are easy to set up and manage, anytime, from wherever you are.

Users typically have the option to divert calls as they come in on an adhoc basis or pre-programme re-routing of inbound calls to another telephone number for set periods of time. Depending on the system, you can usually set up as many diverts as you like and use them as often as you like. The caller will never be aware they’ve been diverted as the the original number or name they dialled is what will remain displayed on their phone screen.

Yoozoom’s cloud phone system, Cloud Voice comes packed with a highly versatile and easy to use call divert function amongst other powerful phone features. Click here to find out more about Cloud Voice.

When call diverts are useful:

  • Employees can work from home without customers knowing they’re not in the office because diverted calls will still display the original dialled number to the customer.
  • Makes it easier to cover phones during holidays, lunchtimes or out-of-hours.
  • Removes need to have physical resource at satellite or smaller, remote sites as calls may be handled by a separate office.
  • In emergency or business continuity situations, it’s quick and easy to set up all diverts to new site(s) without disruption to service.

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