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Cloud Telephony, hosted PBX... they're one and the same thing! So let's explain how it works

What is a cloud telephone/hosted PBX?

A Cloud Telephone System, also referred to as Voice over Internet Protocol “VoIP” phone system, Hosted PBX, Hosted VoIP or VoIP System is a phone system where business data and software applications are stored virtually in the cloud, and calls are made and received using internet or mobile technology.

A Cloud/hosted PBX phone systems allow you to handle calls from any internet enabled device –  laptops, PCs, mobiles, tablets; and IP phones. They replace the need for traditional PBX phone systems and because the technology lives “in the cloud”, give a user the flexibility to access calls from anywhere at any time.

Cloud Voice and Cloud Contact Centre are both “Cloud/hosted PBX” phone systems solutions.  Click here to go to Cloud Voice.

How does cloud telephony work?

Benefits of a cloud/hosted PBX phone system

  • No on-premises wiring is required so it’s easy and fast to deploy and expand as your business grows
  • System use, calls and any handsets are rented for a fixed monthly contract – so there’s no major capital expense, making it affordable for any size and age of business.
  • Easy on-site installation and programming removes need for expensive engineer callouts because everything can be done by an office manager without technical experience.
  • In a few mouse clicks, every employee can set up and manage their office phone; so there’s less reliance on your IT team.
  • Upgrades to the phone system software are automatic and come as standard to every customer, without any additional charges.
  • Employees can access their number from any location – office, home, on business travel without need for any advance planned programming.

Features of a cloud/hosted PBX phone system

VoIP/hosted PBX phone systems come with many advanced features not typically available in a traditional on-premise PBX phone system. Cloud Voice, our own hosted PBX product provides the following:

  • Virtual administration portal – allowing users and system administrators to make any programming changes themselves.
  • Softphone – enabling a user to handle phone calls directly from any internet enabled device.
  • Instant Message – allowing co-workers to ping quick, discreet on-screen messages to each other when they need fast decisions or answers to business queries.
  • HD Video calling – do more face-to-face meetings and calls virtually.
  • Auto-attendant – a virtual receptionist giving the ability to set a welcome greeting for when you can't answer your phone.
  • Simultaneous Ring – set your phone to ring across multiple devices at the same time and never miss a call again.
  • Automatic Call Recording – particularly useful for customer service teams and businesses regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
  • Voicemail – easy set up and access from any device and location.
  • Advanced Call Activity Reporting – useful for business owners and managers of call centre teams.

Why would you switch to a cloud/hosted PBX phone system?

  • Improved cash-flow – more transparent monthly 'all in one' pricing means you’ll never get hit with an unexpected service charge when something goes wrong, or unusually high call charges.
  • Plugins to leading CRM systems and Office 365 provide opportunities to make cost savings through streamlined business processes and increased virtual working.
  • Existing phone system is too expensive to scale and upgrade, and limited functionality is affecting your business operation.
  • Opening a new remote/satelite office and you need a cost-effective way of servicing the “phones”without paying for full-time people resources.
  • You want to improve workforce collaboration and productivity, particularly across multiple sites and with remote workers without increasing inter-office travel and expense.
  • Delivers solution for business continuity/disaster recovery.
  • Existing phone system is not compatible with the 2025 end of life of traditional telephony network so you need to replace it with an IP alternative.
  • You want to make your business more attractive to employees by providing more flexible working options in line with UK Government’s flexible working policy

How does Yoozoom Cloud Voice work?

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