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How to stop school holidays eating away at business productivity

Working families make up 87.7% of the UK population.*

With most kids out of school for at least 6 weeks this summer, what can employers do to help parents solve the childcare challenge, and avoid the summer slump in efficiency at the same time?

The issue

Childcare in the school holidays is a significant cause of stress and expense for a lot of families. Most working parents use a significant amount of their annual leave during this period, leaving business owners the challenge of keeping operations running at full capacity.

Home working

You may think you’ve found the answer – home working. Employees get to look after their kids while keeping on top of their workload from a remote computer. But is it ever that simple?

The ideal soon turns into a nightmare when home workers realise they don’t have the equipment they need to complete normal daily tasks. Staff are often unable to access and re-route their work calls easily, and typically switch to using their personal mobile devices. This creates an annoying experience for customers and colleagues trying to get in touch.

There’s also the unexpected cost of employees expensing you for the work calls they’ve made. On top of this, calls are untracked, unmanaged and completely out of the control of your business.

What about meetings? Suddenly they take twice as long when you have to bring absent staff up to date afterwards, resulting in delays to decisions, frustration and a disjointed team when some feel out of the loop.

The solution

Cloud telephony brings invaluable flexibility to your business. Forget what you know about traditional phone systems, Cloud Voice from Yoozoom allows your homeworkers to operate just as effectively as being sat at their desk. Customers won’t experience any difference – your employee could be sat at their desk, at home, in a café, in another country – the call quality and interaction is just the same.

Instead of physical phone lines, Cloud Voice enables your workers to connect to their work phone system through an internet connection using any internet-enabled device – mobile, laptop, tablet etc. They can make voice calls, video calls, collaborate on projects and screen share easily, making working from home much easier for staff and more transparent for employers, as every call is captured and logged within the cloud phone system.

What happens if an employee has dodgy home broadband? They simply pick up their work calls on their mobile device or home phone.

The icing on the cake is that everything is so easy it gets done by the user, with easy-to-follow instructions available on the Yoozoom portal if anyone gets stuck. There’s no extra expense to your business – no helpline charges and no expense claims for mobile calls. Calls are included in a simple per user per month license plan.

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For companies using Cloud Voice, it’s business as usual this summer holiday!  With the majority of school kids on holiday 25% of the year – wouldn’t you like your staff to be 25% less stressed and 25% more productive?

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