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Skype for Business review

As technology rapidly develops, business owners are increasingly baffled by the amount of communication applications available for their company. With so much available, how do you choose software which will deliver the most benefit in the most cost effective and uncomplicated way? In this short Skype for Business review we’ll provide an overview of how successfully Skype for Business (S4B) addresses these issues.
Skype for Business Review

What to look at in our Skype For Business Review


So how useful is S4B on a day-to-day basis? Every Skype for Business review will tell you how simple it is to instant message, therefore uncluttering inboxes, enabling faster decision-making and showing a clearer conversation chain. You can also click to instantly voice call, video call and screen share straight from the IM window, through your internet connection. There is also an option to set your availability status, change your location and show your time zone, which saves time waiting for someone to reply if they’re not at their desk! These are just some of the features that streamline collaboration in a simple user-friendly way. Check out the Skype website for a full list of features.


If you’ve read any other Skype for Business review you’ll know how economical it can be for internal communications. Once you’ve paid the license fee (from £1.30 per user per month), there’s no additional cost for calls and messages to other users. But what about when you need to call someone who doesn’t use Skype for Business? Unfortunately this is not currently an option.

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External calls

However, if your business uses the Yoozoom Cloud Voice phone system, you can make outbound calls using your normal minutes bundle, through Skype for Business. So if your employees usually use Skype for Business to screen share and instant message, integrating with Yoozoom’s Cloud Voice means they can use the same great software features for all their communications – in one place!

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