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What is Cloud Voice in layman’s terms?

Cloud Voice is Yoozoom’s cloud telephone system for UK businesses. ‘Cloud’ means that the phone system sits in the cloud with any call data captured and stored off-site in UK based data centres rather than at your own office. Because the entire phone system is in the cloud, it’s easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Think of Cloud Voice as being a service just like Netflix and Spotify. You subscribe to these services and sign in to your account from wherever you are without the need for any special physical hardware (except an internet enabled device). It’s the same with Cloud Voice. That’s why cloud telephony is often called ‘VoIP’ (voice over internet protocol) or hosted PBX (private branch exchange – basically business phone system).

Being able to access Cloud Voice from anywhere means employees can use their normal business phone number to make and receive calls from any device wherever they are (home, café, on their own private mobile phone), without callers knowing any difference. Management are also able to access call analytics when employees are out of the office.

However, Cloud Voice is not just a phone system. Yoozoom’s Cloud Voice platform includes other communications features you wouldn’t typically find with a traditional business phone – such as video calling, screen share, instant messaging – and integrates with other business applications like Office 365, Skype for Business and CRMs.

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