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Cloud Voice delivers crystal clear, reliable sound and picture quality. Start video collaborating today!

Video collaboration and conferencing makes it easier to hold meetings when it’s not possible to get everyone round a table

When it’s not always possible to get everyone around the table for a meeting, VoIP video conferencing and collaboration is the next best thing. Yoozoom’s cloud phone system Cloud Voice includes reliable, high quality HD video collaboration capability along with many other powerful VoIP features. Click here to find out more about Cloud Voice.

Already highly popular, video calls and conferencing is expected to continue growing exponentially in the future. Factors which are influencing this include:

  • Availability (UK and globally) of superfast broadband – vital for ensuring reliable transmission of high quality video and voice collaboration.
  • Rise in uptake of high quality VoIP office phone systems – providing businesses with video conferencing and collaboration capability amongst other powerful features.
  • Increase in video collaboration capability and use across popular social media platforms of video calls – whatsAPP, Messenger, Skype, Snapchat, Weechat etc – enabling users to form new habits and get comfortable with video calls as a communications medium.
  • increased competition in video collaboration platforms which are driving down costs and making it a much more affordable solution, particularly when it is purchased within an existing VoIP phone system like Cloud Voice.

How to get video collaboration right in your business:

To avoid issues such as grainy sound and video quality, you need to have the right amount and type of connectivity running to support it. Issues such as how many users will be partaking in the same video call at the same time, and if each user will be holding separate video calls, this will all affect how much bandwidth is required and ultimately the type of connectivity you need.

For helpful advice, talk to Yoozoom who supply UK businesses with a complete business telephony solution – from connectivity, to installation and successful adoption Click here to look at Yoozoom’s Connectivity Options and Prices.

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