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We make it easy to route calls quickly to the right department or person so conversations happen faster

It’s easier to manage calls with a virtual receptionist

A virtual receptionist (also known as an Auto Attendant) is a must have phone feature used by most businesses today. A virtual receptionist allows you to set up a menu in your phone system so that inbound callers can route themselves directly to the department or individual they want to speak with.

Depending on the capability and type of the phone system operated, virtual receptionists may be set up and administrated easily in-house and from any location. Yoozoom’s Cloud Voice phone system is a great example of such a system, packed with powerful extra features like virtual receptionist, that a user can login and program remotely using an internet connection. Click here for more information about Cloud Voice.  If you’re running a call centre or contact centre service, Cloud Contact Centre would be a more appropriate choice. Click here for more information about Cloud Contact Centre.

When a Virtual Receptionist is really useful:

  • To guide the customer straight to the correct department without putting them on hold whilst an agent becomes available.
  • Auto route to multiple phones at the same time, increasing number of calls being answered quickly and reducing frustrations for customers when they’re asked to leave a voicemail message.
  • Easy to record new menu messages and set up a new call route without need for separate IT teams to get involved.
  • Cover inbound calls to satellite or remote sites when there’s no-one physically there to take the call. (only if your phone system is IP/Cloud enabled)
  • Temporarily divert calls for holidays, lunchtimes or out-of-hours calls.*
  • In emergency or business continuity situations, record a new message quickly*


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