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Making a call to emergency services on a VoIP/Cloud Phone is no different to making a call from any other phone. Here's how it works ...

Emergency Services Responses to 999 calls made on VoIP/Cloud Phones

When a cloud phone is set up correctly, making a call to emergency services is no different to making a call from any other phone. The 999 agent goes to a central database to get the registered address of the phone number so that if the call is unexpectedly cut off, the emergency services team can still be dispatched effectively.

If the call is being made from a location which is different to the registered address, (eg via a divert to their home or smartphone etc) it’s important for the caller to convey the correct location information quickly – which is why one of the first questions 999 will ask is for you to confirm your address.

Where a silent call is made, the emergency services team still have the ability to locate the call using the IP address coming from the IP endpoint (phones only).

Responsibility for registering name and address information for all new VoIP numbers rests with the communications provider – in the case of Cloud Voice, that would be Yoozoom. This is all taken care of when you purchase your cloud phone system and in the case of Cloud Voice, is confirmed to you formally within your welcome email.

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