Yoozoom Cloud Voice, Our Hosted PBX Platform.

Yoozoom Cloud Voice is the name of our premier Hosted PBX / VoIP Service, the modern way of having feature rich business communication, without having to worry about the cost and maintenance of expensive phone system hardware.

We know communication is the backbone of any business, so Yoozoom have worked with BT Wholesale to bring you a featured packed, premier quality VoIP service, with the security and resilience of BT’s world leading 21st CN Cloud Platform.

Whether your business has 1 employee or 1000 our Cloud Voice platform can save you money and increase productivity. Because this is a Voice over IP service, it runs through an internet connection, which means businesses no longer have to run and maintain two separate networks for Voice (traditional telephones) and data (internet).

Little to no hardware costs, fixed call packages, powerful features and integration into leading CRM’s such as Salesforce, Sugar and Microsoft, all offer further tangible cost savings and benefits.

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Why Cloud Voice?

Our Cloud Voice platform brings together the superb customer service of Yoozoom, combined with the security and reliability of BTW’s 21st Century Cloud Servers, which are right at the core of their network. This quality and resilience produces a truly world class Hosted PBX service. Even more amazing, when you consider many businesses can actually save thousands by switching to Cloud Voice from their traditional telephony.

Cloud telephone systems are packed with extra features employees love! Give them a brilliant new tool to help them work more effectively. They’re also great value for money so spend the same (or less) each month and get instant access to brilliant features not available in your traditional phone system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The term “hosted” refers to the fact that all the technical wizardry behind your telephone system is hosted somewhere other than your business premises in pre-existing servers, which saves you money on hardware. These servers are potentially in several physical locations at once and the data for your calls actually passes through your internet connection via “the cloud” rather than through a traditional telephone line.
Absolutely! Whilst some hosted VoIP providers use questionable servers located in who knows where, we have teamed up with BT Wholesale to use the world leading servers at the core of their network. This means performance and security like few other VoIP providers could match.
You do not need to worry. Unlike some PBX providers, Yoozoom Cloud Voice uses BT’s ultra reliable 21st CN servers, which offer Service Level Agreements and 99.999% up-time. This reliability is actually one of the best aspects of Yoozoom Cloud Voice.
One of the strengths of a hosted pbx system is that it is quick and easy to install, works just as well from 1 employee to 1,000 and costs scales seamlessly with your business. Because you will never have to upgrade hardware at your site, if your business grows, you simply add additional handsets as required.
You don’t need one! With a Yoozoom Cloud Voice service, all the complex hardware and technical wizardry are handled by ourselves and the industry leading servers we use through BT. All you really need in your office is the handset / soft-phone application and an internet connection / router.
As there is no large expensive equipment on site, moving premises or even just upgrading / expanding your current office phone system is a doddle. Just speak to one of our team, tell them the details of your move and we can arrange everything from a new leased line connection to transfer of your Cloud Voice telephony.

Moving office? Read more about how we can help here.

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What makes Yoozoom Cloud Voice and hosted PBX so special?

What do our customers say?

  • After consulting Yoozoom, we’ve taken a Hosted PBX solution for our new Raithwaite Hotel sales office in York, until we transfer service to the hotel where we’ll put in Avaya for the 90 bedrooms

    — Paul Ellis, Managing Director - Skelwith Group | Hosted PBX Solution —
  • The Hosted Phone system was ideal, as we needed quick and simple set up and the ability for a call to reach all our staff both in the office and mobiles spending as much time out the office as in it viewing properties and developments.

    — Toby Cockcroft, Managing Director - DHP Croft | Hosted Phone system —
  • Due to the diverse nature of our business the Hosted PBX was ideal, the fact that we can control our services online ourselves is ideal for the nature of our staff and events.

    — Tom Frank, Managing Director - Ice Cubed Events | VoIP Phone Solution —
  • Yoozoom’s approach was one of a consultative sale and really helped us understand the differences in technologies.

    — Jay Cooper, Project Manager - Skelwith Group —
  • We needed to move office, and had concerns as our previous experience was poor, however Yoozoom made it seem very easy and everything went like clockwork.

    — Sam, Managing Director – New Forest Activities —
  • On hearing my first HD voice demo by Yoozoom my instant reaction was, where do I sign?

    — Ian Lester, IT Manager – Filtronic —
  • We asked yoozoom for a review, they came with new thinking to improve our services and proved to save us money on existing services, perfect

    — James Matthews, CEO - Eden Rock Capital Management —
  • We had a choice from BT offering a Mitel system or a Yoozoom Hosted PBX solution.We selected Yoozoom’s Broadsoft platform, really pleased we did as install and move went well I now have the Bria app on my Iphone and i love it.The yoozoom team has been great in helping us get the best out of it.

    — James Venner, Director - Vsquared TV | Hosted PBX System —
  • We had huge trouble down to incorrect advice and wrong solution received from our previous supplier, yoozoom came along and with their attention to details and simplistic approach convinced us that Hosted Phone System was the way to go.

    — Stefanos Thomaidis, Owner - Diamond Smiles Dental Centre —
  • Yoozoom approached us to do a review, pleased we accepted as they delivered a 25% saving on like for like services.

    — Peter Brook, MD – Oracle Finance —
  • We chose Yoozoom and an Avaya solution on a fixed cost per user, after good honest advice at point of sale.

    — Jules Altan, Operations Manager - Modelsport —



We are one of the UK’s premier suppliers of business telecoms, mobile and data services. We are perhaps best known for our Hosted PBX & VOIP Phone Systems, and for our range of business broadband solutions such as Leased Lines, with guaranteed performance and 24/7 support.

Never heard of us? You may be surprised to know…

Telephone systems sold to date.
Million pounds in client call and data revenues
Years our team have been leading the industry
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Business Telephone Systems

From cost-cutting hosted VoIP to feature-packed PBX systems, we have it all.

We can guide you through the choices, and create a solution that is tailor made for your business, to get you started, the infographic below is a guide to our business broadband and leased line options. Remember, because we work closely with all major suppliers, we are often much cheaper than going direct.  For more information and a personalised quote, simply send us a quick message ->

So how much does it cost?


ADSL Broadband

£19> per month
    • 30-80 Mb/s Download Speed
    • 10-20 Mb/s Upload Speed
    • 1:20 Contention Ratio
    • 9-5 Support
    • N/A Fault Fix Promise
    • 10 Days Installation Time

Generic Ethernet Access

£149> per month
    • 2-20 Mb/s Download Speed
    • 2-20 Mb/s Upload Speed
    • 1:1 Contention Ratio
    • 24/7 Support
    • 8hrs Fault Fix Promise
    • 20 Days Installation Time

Fibre Leased Line

£249> month
    • 20-10,000 Mb/s Download Speed
    • 20-10,000 Mb/s Upload Speed
    • 1:1 Contention Ratio
    • 24/7 Support
    • 4hrs Fault Fix Promise
    • 40-80 Days Installation Time

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