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Choosing the right new (or replacement) business phone system

Business telephone systems – your options explained

If you’re looking for a new (or replacement) phone system for your business and want help finding the best solution, you’re in the right place. Yoozoom is a leading independent UK supplier of cloud business telephone systems and cloud contact centre solutions, delivering a fully-managed service starting from selecting the right connectivity, through to successful switching, business-wide deployment, training and support.

Yoozoom’s market-leading cloud phone system Cloud Voice, is perfect for any business regardless of size or sector. It’s powerful functionality is so easy to use you don’t need to be an IT expert to run it. And because it’s cloud based, it’s accessible from any device with an internet connection, making it portable and future-proofed when BT switch off the traditional telephone network in 2025. Click here to find out more information about Cloud Voice.

If your operation is handling large volumes of customer calls and you want to do this efficiently in a controlled way, you may benefit from a dedicated contact centre solution like Yoozoom’s Cloud Contact Centre.  Cloud Contact Centre runs on internet technology, making it portable and again future-proofed when BT switch off the traditional telephone network in 2025.  Click here for more information about Cloud Contact Centre.

Business Telephone Systems – what are my options?

We’ve mentioned cloud phone systems above, but there are other options available to business.  Below is a quick outline of the 3 different options available right now.

Cloud (also known as hosted PBX or VoIP ) phone system

This is where the phone system functionality is hosted in the cloud and IP technology is used to make calls, so there’s no on-site system hardware or maintenance costs.

On-premises phone systems

Here, the telephone equipment and infrastructure is located on premises, and calls are made using the traditional telephone network.

Hybrid phone system

Use sophisticated signal management codecs to route any kind of call technology to any other kind; eg connecting VoIP and traditional telephony systems.

Future trends affecting business telephone systems selection

The trend in the UK and rest of the world is to migrate to a Cloud based business telephone system; in fact 2015 was the biggest year of growth for cloud / VoIP phone systems yet.  There are a number of factors influencing growth in this market which are listed below:

  • Superfast Broadband is now widespread throughout the UK – so there’s now the infrastructure in place to assure high quality voice and video calls over the internet.
  • BT have announced they will switch off the traditional telephone network in 2025 – businesses will need to switch to an IP alternative before then.
  • Businesses are looking for systems with Unified Communications capability – enabling them to increase efficiency by streamlining communications and administrative processes.
  • Human behaviour is evolving – the need for instant gratification and for technologies and systems to interact and simplify their home and working life is being more and more taken for granted.
  • Customers are more demanding than ever – requiring businesses to be able to create flexible workforces who can service their customers 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Rise in Cloud Telephone Systems that are coming to market, available on a SaaS basis (fixed price, per month, per user), providing smaller businesses with an affordable way to get their hands on feature-rich telephone systems.

If you want help choosing the right solution for your business, call our team on  0113 887 8000.

Would you like a FREE trial of Cloud Voice business phone systems?

We provide a free 7-day trial (including 100 minutes of talk time), of Cloud Voice – our market-leading cloud phone system.  Click here to access the FREE trial.

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