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Surely the humble telephone system cannot revolutionise your business...think again.

Hosted PBX Phone SystemManaging a business is no easy feat, and with so many facets of operations to be managed some areas get left behind. One of the areas that people typically overlook is the humble telephone.

Ask any manager or director to list the most important aspects of business, and many will typically include communication among them. Yet many businesses have not upgraded or considered upgrading their business telephone system in years, often until they re-locate offices. Yet with recent advancements in software, networking and VoIP technology, a business telephone system can prove to be a amazing, time-saving, money-generating investment.

Regardless of the size and nature of your business, you might want to consider upgrading your telephony solutions as it will be able to help in facilitating better communication practices, both internally and externally.

Cost Efficiency

One of the main reasons on why a new business telephone system is attractive, is its efficiency when it comes to cost. Newer, VoIP based systems, provide businesses with a technology that comes with a very affordable price. Communication, in general, can be an expensive part of business operations. However, with a modern, VoIP integrated phone system, costs can be significantly cheaper compared to traditional telephone systems. In addition, Yoozoom business telephone systems can be customised based on your budgets and needs, selecting only the features that will be essential for your business operations.

Shared Resources

A good business telephone system can also help your company to promote better efficiency through shared resources. With voice resources being accessible for all employees of the organisation, productivity can be more evident. For instance, if there is a need to transfer calls from one desk to another, there is no more need to physically move. With just a touch of a button from the phone, the call can be easily transferred to the rightful recipient. In modern phone systems, calls can even be easily transferred even to employees who are outside of the office.

Improved Customer Service

In every business, the goal should be to provide the best in terms of customer service, which will lead into a high level of customer satisfaction. In order to achieve the latter, one of the essentials would be a high-quality business telephone system. This will facilitate better communication, making sure that the concerns of your customers will be resolved the soonest time. This will also minimise the time that is needed by your customers to wait before they are given the assistance that they need.

Powerful Features

With a modern business telephone system in place, it will be possible to enjoy a wide array of innovative features that will help redefine the way you conduct business. With features such as call waiting, call conferencing and call tracking, among others, you will be able to gain an edge above others within the competitive landscape. Furthermore, Yoozoom business telephone systems can be integrated with some 3rd party solutions such as Zendesk and Salesforce, which can increase your efficiency by orders of magnitude.

With this abundance of benefits and powerful features, a new business telephone system is surely going to be an investment that can yield significant benefits in no time. These will be reflected in terms of money saving, employee productivity and customer satisfaction, and what business doesn’t want those?

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