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Branded Communication Using WebRTC

Next-level professional.
No need for external apps (e.g. Skype) - embed it in your business website.

All in one place.
Call, video chat and share data instantly
between participants.

No download necessary.
Seamlessly connected browser to browser. And of course it's mobile-friendly.

Appointment booking.
Customers can set their own meetings and get automatic email confirmations.

Get all of this for a simple monthly fee, starting at just £50.

What exactly is WebRTC?

Put simply, WebRTC is an emerging platform for live video calling, audio and text messaging.

WebRTC stands for web real-time communications. This means live communication (audio or video call) directly from your internet browser – including on mobile!

WebRTC enables communications to be embedded in the actual browser itself, without the need for any external application or download. It instructs your device to link the browser to its webcam and microphone, so the browser essentially becomes a telephone or camera device.

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